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Guitar Clinic – Tapping lick No1

Attention all future guitar hero’s!  This is the first of our weekly postings by local guitar wizard Adrian Goleby.  Put this in your favorites because there’s much more coming your way from Adrian.

Tapping Lick No1 – 15-May-2010

Good day fellow string touchers! Today we’ll be looking at a useful tapping lick that will trick your neighbours into thinking you’re breaking the light and sound barriers.

This particular lick is based on the E Major linear scale (Fig. 1) and can be easily translated across all 6 strings. A small amount of tapping knowledge is needed to nail this sucker right off the drawing board. But for those of you who are new to tapping territory need not panic.       Tapping is all about pointing at your frets, really hard! Every other note in this exercise is a result of a hammer on or a pull off. You can give your pick to your soon to be impressed  audience for this one

Fig 1

Fig 1

The ‘T’ over each number 12 means tap. So tap-tap-tap it in! It’s important that the tapped note has the same rhythm as the rest of the notes, don’t rush it!

Keep a powerful wide stretch by lowering your thumb on the back of the neck, You’ll need it to continue the pull offs down the neck and to keep your hammer ons back up sounding even too.

Fig 2

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 3

Fig. 1, Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 all use the same fingerings – 1st finger on your lowest sounding note and 4th finger on the highest sounding note that isn’t being tapped. (keep that stretch wide!)

Combine all these licks to make an E major bonanza.

More fun riffs and licks next week – stay tuned folks!!!

A little info about Adrian Goleby…

Adrian Goleby is a Brisbane based guitar player that specializes in most parts of rock and metal playing. He is influenced strongly by rock and metal bands of the 80’s and instrumental guitarists all over the world. At the age of 14 years old he began working at playing songs that he had learnt on previous instruments and when much like other players his age discovered rock.  The old big band saxophone tunes were never seen again.

Adrian writes this blog on behalf of www.capalabamusic.com.au and teaches at Learn Music in Brisbane’s Redlands district on a full time basis and plays shows with his metalcore band “City in Stone” www.myspace.com/cityinstone.  Not only is Adrian one of Brisbane promising and exciting new guitarists he is also a fantastic teacher for all musical styles.

Capalaba Music Centre.  Shop 99 Capalaba Park Shopping Ctr, Capalaba, Brisbane, Australia  www.capalabamusic.com.au

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