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Guitar Clinic – Alternate Picking by Adrian Goleby

Here is the second postings by local guitar wizard Adrian Goleby.

Todays lesson focuses on alternate picking for guitar.

Good day fellow string touchers!

On this merry day we shall be discovering the art of Alternate Picking. Alternate picking is an important part of any guitar players’ arsenal; if you can’t do it properly you may be pelted nightly with tomatoes.

This lick is once again based on our E Major linear scale but can easily be thrown onto another string and still sound great. If you don’t know the E Major linear scale, follow this link to have a peek:  Guitar Clinic – Tapping lick No 1

In Fig. 1 we have established that we will indeed be playing notes, a lot of them. Don’t be confused by the jumbled numbers because there is a pattern,  Fig. 2 has arrows pointing to where each pattern is starting.



Make sure your right hand isn’t picking too fast for your fretting hand or else you’ll end up with a mess of … Something.  Let yourself experiment with pick attack and discover the differences harder and softer picking can do to the sound of your guitar.

And remember:

PICK DOWN PICK UP x infinity.

Until next week…


A little info about Adrian Goleby…

Adrian Goleby is a Brisbane based guitar player that specialises in most parts of rock and metal playing. He is influenced strongly by rock and metal bands of the 80’s and instrumental guitarists all over the world. At the age of 14 years old he began working at playing songs that he had learnt on previous instruments when he, much like other players his age, discovered rock.  The old big band saxophone tunes were never seen again.

Adrian writes this blog on behalf of www.capalabamusic.com.au, teaches at Learn Music in Brisbane’s Redlands district on a full time basis, and plays shows with his metalcore band “City in Stone” www.myspace.com/cityinstone.  Not only is Adrian one of Brisbane’s promising and exciting new guitarists he is also a fantastic teacher for all musical styles.

Capalaba Music Centre.  Shop 99 Capalaba Park Shopping Ctr, Capalaba, Brisbane, Australia  www.capalabamusic.com.au

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