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Guitar Clinic with Adrian Goleby

Hey there lads n lasses!

I’m back to show you some more applications of the E major linear scale. Yes, the exact same one I’ve been throwing in your faces so far. I like to think of these scales as express lanes to different positions. Rather than boxing yourself in and playing the same thing over and over…and then over some more.

Fig 1This lick will love you twice as much if you start it on an upstroke, from there it is important to continue the alternate picking, double check that you’re doing a down pick when you cross to the thinner string! If you’re not quite sure about alternate picking then here’s a brief explanation.

Alternate picking – DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN UP – Repeat until your housemates want out.
or in this instance – UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN – Repeat until your dog packs up and leaves with your housemates.
Getting back on track now…

I’ve included these two examples of the scale you’re playing before you chop it in to fragments of three.
Fig 2Fig 2aFig 2 is the E major linear scale (starting on the second note – F#) and Fig 2a is the E major linear scale starting on the lower string on the C#.

The pattern is simple, and is also simply a pattern! Use it in your own ways!



Adrian Goleby is a Brisbane based guitar player that specialises in most parts of rock and metal playing. He is influenced strongly by rock and metal bands of the 80’s and instrumental guitarists all over the world. At the age of 14 years old he began working at playing songs that he had learnt on previous instruments when he, much like other players his age, discovered rock.  The old big band saxophone tunes were never seen again.

Adrian writes this blog on behalf of www.capalabamusic.com.au, teaches at Learn Music in Brisbane’s Redlands district on a full time basis, and plays shows with his metalcore band “City in Stone” www.myspace.com/cityinstone.  Not only is Adrian one of Brisbane’s promising and exciting new guitarists he is also a fantastic teacher for all musical styles.

Capalaba Music Centre.  Shop 99 Capalaba Park Shopping Ctr, Capalaba, Brisbane, Australia  www.capalabamusic.com.au

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  1. 30/05/2010 at 3:31 pm

    It seems inefficient to start on an upstroke.

    • 30/05/2010 at 10:13 pm

      Hi there,
      Thanks for commenting! It’s great that you ask about that, there’s a lesson coming up this week on inside picking. Which is exactly what is going on in this lick. The reason this exercise starts with an up pick is that the alternate picking will remain consistent throughout. So when you’ve played the first three notes and you’re ready to change strings you’re hand is in motion to start the next string with a DOWN pick. Which can be convenient for achieving speed and is more efficient for moving between two parallel linear scales. I hope this helps! Check back later on this week for a more detailed lesson involving inside picking.


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