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Guitar Clinic with Adrian Goleby (week 4)

Hey guys and gals!

Welcome to this week’s somewhat confusing lesson. The words ‘up’ and ‘down’ are going to be thrown a whole lot and it may get a little unbearable and push you into insanity! If that happens, I strongly recommend staying indoors and playing smooth jazz.

Last week we had a glance at a parallel linear pattern (link). I’d mentioned starting on the up pick and following through the rest of the exercise using strict alternate picking. Now of course this will go against your almost natural instinct to pick down to start off with. It’s not wrong but it will leave you having to cross down a string using an UP pick stroke.

If you have a look at Fig 1, you’ll see the same notes on the same strings in the same order. This pretty much should scream “PICKING HAND EXERCISE!” And it is!

Try playing this with a down stroke, and continue by keeping constant with your alternate picking.

Fig 1

Fig 1

DOWN UP DOWN UP – You can see that this is taking you on what could be considered the ‘outside’ of either string.

Now start with an upstroke, and continue by keeping constant with your alternate picking.

UP DOWN UP DOWN – This will put you on the ‘inside’ of both strings.

Try comparing both of those at different speeds and see which one is easier for you! If you find the ‘inside’ approach easier, then this next lick will be a bit of a fun for you!

Fig 2 – Start with an up pick and continue your alternate picking from there

Fig 2

Fig 2

Until next week my feathered friends!

Adrian writes this blog on behalf of www.capalabamusic.com.au, teaches at Learn Music in Brisbane’s Redlands district on a full-time basis, and plays shows with his metalcore band “City in Stone” www.myspace.com/cityinstone.  Not only is Adrian one of Brisbane’s promising and exciting new guitarists he is also a fantastic teacher for all musical styles.

Capalaba Music Centre.  Shop 99 Capalaba Park Shopping Ctr, Capalaba, Brisbane, Australia  www.capalabamusic.com.au

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