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Guitar Clinic with Adrian Goleby

Hey guys!

Today we’re looking at 6 notes, and then taking them for the ride of their life! It’s such an important part of playing to be able to vary a sequence of notes. Usually there are loads of combinations you could do – key, time signature, rhythm, speed, intensity or many other factors.

So first up, here’s the jumble of notes that we’re going to do two very simple variations of.

Picking: down up down up

It’s an absolute monster across the fretboard. It’s essential that your fingers are spaced very widely and evenly apart.

Already there is a variation you could apply – picking. You could try to sweep pick this (one fluent downstroke across all the strings as you apply and remove your fingers), or starting with an up pick, even doing it blindfolded hanging upside down from Parliament house.

The next part of this exercise is alternate picking, but breaking up the notes. So instead of just playing through, you’re going to skip a string, come back one and repeat that pattern.

Lastly, in Fig 3 we can see straight out semiquavers. This beastie is a vicious enemy, don’t take it too fast, keep your alternate picking even and focus on consistency over speed.

Overall, these are very simple variations but it all came from 6 notes. For other variations try simple things such as swinging the beat (long note, short note) or playing it an octave higher starting from the top note first. It’s really your imagination that limits it!

Until next week!


Adrian writes this blog on behalf of www.capalabamusic.com.au, teaches at Learn Music in Brisbane’s Redlands district on a full-time basis, and plays shows with his metalcore band “City in Stone” www.myspace.com/cityinstone.  Not only is Adrian one of Brisbane’s promising and exciting new guitarists he is also a fantastic teacher for all musical styles.

Capalaba Music Centre.  Shop 99 Capalaba Park Shopping Ctr, Capalaba, Brisbane, Australia  07 3245  6033 www.capalabamusic.com.au

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